Sunday, March 24, 2013


We all know that the Yankees have "hinted" that they are "not done yet."  We have heard Hal Steinbrenner say it.  We have noticed Brian Cashman making minor moves, but not "Yankee type" moves that we're used to.  That being said, they are trying to better the club as we are just a week or so away from Opening day.

The most recent report of trying to get extra corner infield help comes from Jon Heyman of, HERE, who, doesn't actually know if the guys he suggests are available, but "wonders".  Like for instance, he suggests Gaby Sanchez of the Pittsburgh Pirates.   I guess this is kind of like me who wrote that now that guys like Bobby Crosby and Dallas McPherson were released, read HERE and HERE, they would be available too.

(In Photo: Bobby Crosby)
The difference is those guys are considered free agents and really are available.  Anyway... I'm sure the Yankees are looking at everyone is my point, I'm not quite sure Heyman's helping, but whatever. It's an educated guess and he's a baseball insider... I'm just a blogger... but all ideas makes sense.

(In Photo: Lyle Overbay)
Nick Carardo of the Boston Globe reports (HERE) that the Yankees have actually scouted Lyle Overbay. I find that appealing believe it or not. According to Cafardo: "Tuesday is the big day for Lyle Overbay. He has an opt-out in his contract Tuesday and right now, barring a big couple of games (he was in the lineup today vs. the Blue Jays) he probably would make the Red Sox.

If the Red Sox don't elect to keep him on the major league roster but want to send him to the minors, they have to pay him a $100,000 bonus as required by the new collective bargaining agreement.

But it appears Overbay will have other options.

The Yankees may need a lefthanded compliment to Juan Rivera at first base. Yankee scouts have been watching Overbay closely."

Now, truth be told, I have no problem giving Overbay a shot, but let's be realistic. I just don't know if the Red Sox would be willing to give up anyone to the Yankees.  Same thing goes for the Yankees giving up guys to the Red ain't happening.  But we'll see, the Sox may think Overbay is damaged goods. I guess we wait until Tuesday to find out.

Just know this everyone... the Yankees may pick up a few pieces to finalize the puzzle, but I just don't see that spectacular name and you guys are smart enough to know that as well. 

That being said, things in Spring Training are slowly coming together for our Yankees and we are molding a team, whomever they may be, for the 2013 season.  Go with it, because the games are going to soon matter.... and I can't wait.

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