Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It's been reported that Dallas McPherson was released by the Dodgers, read HERE, and all indications are the Yankees will no doubt, "kick the tires", "sniff the hydrant" or "feel the melons" when it comes to McPherson.  Remember, the Yankees are "not done yet" according to Hal Steinbrenner and with Mark Teixeira out and McPherson being a first and third baseman... no doubt they will look into him.  Plus... he's cheap. 

Not sure if McPherson could add anything more that Dan Johnson could, but at this point I feel like if I at least "mention" newly released first or third basemen, like Bobby Crosby HERE... maybe it will either come true or... "jinx" the idea, depending on if it can benefit us or not. Look, I'm at a loss right now and I just am not so sure what or who will work to spark the Yankees this spring.

(In Photo: Dallas Green)
Last time we had a "Dallas" on the team... it was Dallas Green in 1989... right?

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