Wednesday, March 6, 2013


When the walls are falling down around you, typically we as human beings just don't go along with it. We fight through it and rise up.
I love my fellow Yankee fans. We understand championships and defeats together and we have for many, many years. Now, suddenly, with Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson out 10 weeks each, many of you have written off the 2013 season as a failure, before an Opening Days pitch has even been thrown. You know what I think? I think it's crap.

Mark Teixeira is officially out 8 to 10 weeks. Read HERE. My message to you is this... Who cares? Don't get me? Get this... 1 guy, or 2, doesn't make a team and doesn't determine a season. 25 men do, and with us fans behind them, we rally, we push, we claw and we grind it out as 1. That's what we've always have done and I have news for you, this idea of pushing toward victory has been historic in America, as well as life and always in sports.
Where were you when we were clawing our way through the 2001 World Series and Scott Brosius crushed one against Byung-Hyun Kim.? I know, you were rooting for your team!  Where were you when Derek Jeter was declared Mr. November? I know...You were rooting for our Yankees!  You didn't just pack up your ball and go home... you rooted, we rallied and the impossible happened. Have we forgotten?

What's my point? Injuries happen in sports. And it's happening now.  But like I stated in TEIXEIRA K.O.-ed BY BAT TEE, the best case scenario is that injuries are happening now and not in September.  Sure, by the end of last season, when Derek Jeter went down, we were exhausted because we all fought so hard to get there.  That was almost symbolic of the end of our season.

But let's not forget that 2012 was a climb from the beginning too and we still managed to make the playoffs. Sure, Jeter collapsing was devastating and at that point we put our swords down, but we fought a good fight and we took a long winter's nap and now we're back.  Injury in the Spring is OK.  Calm the hell down! It makes Girardi's job harder, but that's his job and they'll find the right guys to fill in. But if this same scenario were happening in the final weeks of the season, it would be much, much worse... just know that.

So what's my point? This... stop the complaining! Start rallying because we need to forget about the injuries and start getting ready for the season!  I'm sick of the complaining and I'm sick of the crying. We are the New York Yankees, aren't we?

Let's do this.... we have a mission... #28. Suck it up and as Jorge Posada would say... "Let's grind it out!"

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