Monday, March 25, 2013


As the Yankees and Angels wait for the acquisition of Vernon Wells is approved, read HERE, There is no doubt, I have questions.

Look, as a Yankee fan, I just don't get the Vernon Wells trade.  Sure, you can look Wells and his Spring Training numbers, like my bud Travis Willis commented to me late last night, and tell me just how important this trade is, and I see the numbers, I get the point, and you know what? I understand and I respect that opinion, believe me. Willis wrote this below:

Love that opinion on Wells, and trust me, if those numbers translate to the rest of the Yankees season, I'm the first guy at the gate. But from my own perspective, it's the Spring, and it's 14 games and I am not so sure a small batch like that matters. I could be wrong... and I hope I am, but that's me.

(In Photo: Ben Francisco)But the Yankees confuse me... that's all.  Let me tell you what does matter in my opinion.  What does matter is what the fans think, and many of us, the majority of us are scratching our heads wondering why guys like Melky Mesa, or Ronnier Mustelier, or even a Ben Francisco or Juan Rivera or Thomas Neal or Brennan Boesch aren't being used?  Players, that are trying to earn a spot all spring who will soon either be released or moved to the minors to make room for Vernon Wells.  It's strange, it really is.

In other words, if the Yankees plan was to go on the cheap and get the best bang for our buck, then why are the Yankees now willing to pay $13 million for a 34 year old outfielder? Is it because they don't have to pay $42 million and it's a steal? I guess.  Again, I'm asking, I'm not pissed, I'm not angry... I'm just confused... it's Bizarro, much like the bad guy Superman used to fight in the comics... it's backwards.

The Yankees and Brian Cashman are continually keeping us on our toes.  The Yankees and Brian Cashman have made it pretty clear that they were going on the cheap to make it under the $189 million, 2014 cap.  Hal also mentioned that they weren't "done yet" and I guess this is what they meant. But Vernon Wells is not the Vernon Wells that I used to love with Toronto.  Vernon Wells is not a franchise player anymore.  Vernon Wells is a 34 year old outfielder that can't move around as well as a Melky Mesa, or even a Thomas Neal.

What Wells has done in his career is rake, but can he do it these days? An important question. Can he contribute when we really need it? If he can't, are you really going to go out and get a Vernon Wells Yankee jersey? Is he the merchandise player the Yankees really need? Will we rally if he can't do his job?

Again, I'm a fan with questions. I'm saying this move is bizarre. I am saying it's weird and under the radar, and a surprise and all of that.  If Wells comes over and the deal is done and he fits in nicely, I'm "Team Wells", believe me. No one wants the Yankees to win more than me, but I just can't wrap my head around this move... can you?

Comment and tell me.

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