Friday, March 15, 2013


A lot of worry, concern, aggravation around Yankeeland right now.  I'm a fan like you, here's the difference...I don't give a crap that the Yankees lost 17-5 yesterday in a game that doesn't matter.  Is it a sign of what's coming this season? No. Are the Blue Jays more powerful? No. This is what I care about...

I care about the Yankees team looking better around the 25th of March.  I worry about them playing good ball when it matters.  I care about the Yankees being healthy, Derek Jeter's ankle and whether or not Mariano Rivera will still be the same pitcher after his injury last season.

I worry about my bills, my kids and whether or not the doors locked at night. I do not care about an exhibition game in March.  So, with all due respect to the amazing Bleeding Yankee Blue readers and fans... stop asking me.  You want to have a dialog, some banter? Let's do it.

I'm all for trying to figure out if Joba Chamberlain will really be shipped off to the Texas Rangers, read HERE.  I'm ready to tell you that I cannot stand Sabermetrics and agree with Jim Kaat, read HERE.  I'll debate you on who the better starting catcher can be this season for the Yankees.  But if you're going to tell me that the Yankees suck because they lost 17-5 in a pre-season game 3 weeks before the season starts... my eyes will gloss over.  It's a waste of breath, a waste of time and, with all due respect, I do not care... and for the record, neither should you.

Again... hit me up around March 25th, 28th, right around the time the final touches are coming together.  It's right around then the Yankees need to be in a rhythm. Not now, not February, and sure as hell not tomorrow.   If the Yankees start blowing it as soon as the season starts and lose any series to a division rival, like the Red Sox, or Blue Jays... then I'll have a problem. If they still can't get their act together when it counts... then I have a problem

But it's gotta be in April, or June... not March...

No one should care about baseball in March, especially if it doesn't matter.  Sure, you want to watch your boys compete and win, I'm with you... but root for players winning jobs, not games.  That crap's for the birds... especially now.

Now, in closing, know this.... you're all great. I have no problem with the Yankee fans, the BYB readers and clearly we have different opinions.  It's just that I don't care about the preseason... get off the ledge man.

Happy Friday... maybe.

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