Saturday, March 2, 2013


In the opener of the World Baseball Classic, Chien-Ming Wang pitched 6 shut out innings for Taiwan.  According to my go-to site, Hardball Talk, Matthew Pouliot writes (HERE): "Wang managed to get through six innings despite the 65-pitch limit starters work with in round one of the World Baseball Classic. He walked none and got three double play balls before taking a seat."  The Yankees are keeping their eyes wide open. Trust me.

Don't forget, BYB reported a few weeks ago that the New York Yankees were in fact looking at Wang but would watch his performance in the World Baseball Classic before making an offer or chatting further.  Read COULD CHIEN-MING WANG BE BACK IN THE FOLD? for context on that.

Look, if things with Phil Hughes continue to be slow-going with his bulging back, (read HERE) and Ivan Nova and David Phelps are also competing for a spot in the rotation, why not take a long hard look at a guy like Wang who at one time in his Yankee carrier won 19 games twice? It makes sense. 

We'll keep an eye and this and let you know what happens.  I like Wang, and if he makes it all the way back, good for him.

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