Thursday, March 7, 2013


And then there were 2.  It's being revealed by "sources" today that Mariano Rivera will officially retire after the 2013 season and the announcement will come on Saturday at 10am.  You can read about it HERE.

If Rivera actually decides this is the year to end it all, we as baseball fans need to soak in every moment of Mo this season.  The most proud event won't just be when he tips his cap at Yankee stadium... there's more to it. I believe the proudest moment will be his "Farewell tour" around ball parks around the country this year.  Sure Mariano will be coming out to shut down their home team, wherever he is at that moment, but it's more than that... it's about baseball. It's about this incredible talent in Mariano that we have had the privilege of having on our club for all these years.  It's not about the Yankees when Mariano comes out to pitch this season, it will mean so much more.  It's about how terrific this human being is. It's about his guts, his generosity off the field, his ability and him being a truly terrific role model for kids who just want to play baseball the right way. Like Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada before him, he has done amazing things in this great game. We're very lucky. 

Saturday I will hang on Mo's every word, as well as watching him pitch all season.  We've been spoiled Yankee fans... He is the greatest closer that has every played this game... and we were there. Never forget that.

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