Monday, February 4, 2013


Everyone that reads BYB knows that when Jesus Montero was traded to the Mariners for Michael Pineda, I was devastated.  Some may even tell me to "get over it" now, 1 year later. But I can't get over it, and I won't until I see what Pineda has. 

Just in case you missed it, it's important to tell you that when Brian Cashman spoke to Newsday last week, It was assuring to hear that Pineda was definitely on the road to recovery.  Says Newsday HERE, "'No setbacks so far,' Cashman said of Pineda, who could return by June. 'Tomorrow begins the next phase.'"

God news, but maybe a bit fabricated, in my opinion.  Look, I think it's safe to say that Cashman may not be 100% honest and may want to fudge the truth alittle here.  Why do I say that? Because everyone hated that trade last year and he knows it too.  This statement could be considered a "white lie" in my mind because, if Pineda's slower to recovery it's no harm no foul... you just can't predict recovery. But talking Pineda up now will be relief fans, and that's what I think he's doing.  No biggie, just a hypothesis. I will tell you this, no one wants this trade to work out more than Brian Cashman.

Let's not forget, the Yanks were quoted all over the place as saying he wanted Jesus Montero to get 500 at bats back in December 2011, read HERE.  Then, without warning, Jesus was traded and the carpet was take out from beneath us.  Here's that quote about the 500 at bats from manager Joe Girardi to my bud Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record, "... it’s manager Joe Girardi’s job to somehow find Montero 500-plus plate appearances. 'I’m not saying he would be our full-time DH, because I think we need to rotate that around a little bit,' Girardi said. 'But we expect to give him at-bats as a DH next year.'"

 So here we are, waiting on Michael Pineda. Don't forget, if Pineda can make it all the way back to the Yankees and be effective, that's huge.  Pineda had surgery to repair that torn labrum on his shoulder in May 2012.  It takes awhile to come back from anything related to the shoulder,  especially if you're a pitcher.   So yes, recovery from Pineda is great and the good news is that last week Pineda threw from a half-mound.  After that, if all is well, it will be the next step... baby steps here

Look, we have CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte, Hiroki Kuroda, Phil Hughes and probably a competition between Ivan Nova and David Phelps for the 5th spot of the rotation. If someone can't hack it, we will probably see the effects of that around June anyway. So the reality is, the timing couldn't be more perfect if say Hughes or Nova or Phelps is having trouble and Pineda is ready by then. That being said... you have to wonder if Pineda get there, healthy, confident enough to pitch at full strength, confident to pitch for the New York Yankees... and hopefully in the end, he proves Brian Cashman to be a genius and not a goat, after we gave away Jesus Montero. 

We shall see.

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