Thursday, February 7, 2013


This week YES posted a story about Ivan Nova assuring us he is confident he will be in the rotation, read that HERE. I like Nova. He is confident, and always wanting to go the extra mile to prove he can do it. It's the "I told you so" mentality. But before I go further about that, let's back to 2012.
Now, when I look back, the same question pops up repeatedly. What happened? I can only put it this way, he stunk. It is what it is, no sugar coating it. Could he have done better? Sure. We got spoiled seeing him go out there and be an aggressor on the mound in the past. We felt good seeing he was going out there and stop the bleeding much like Andy Pettitte. Somewhere, somehow he became the total opposite.

For me, it got gruesome to see him go flat start after start. We can scratch our heads and reflect on it. Last season when he didn't think he was pitching bad it created an awkward situation. Hey, it is in his nature to be a confident kid and he wants to prove everyone wrong. We get that. But when you aren't given a chance to take the ball in the postseason, are you going to still argue you aren't doing too bad? 

I hope in the offseason he has taken the time to work out those kinks, and regain his command. Why? As I said, I like Nova. Yes, I want to see him do well, I want all of our guys to do well. It makes for a good winning recipe. But, with Nova I not only want to see him do well, I want him to make good on his word. "I will be there." as he quoted saying this past Tuesday. Newsflash Nova, so will Phelps, and he too will be battling for the same rotation spot. So not only will he have to be there, he needs to be ready for a battle. In the end, we want you there too.

Do I think Nova can make good on his word? Absolutely, but just like he believes in himself I want him to know "We" believe in him too. Go get them, Nova! We are waiting to see you get back to your original form.

-- Rudy Laurens, BYB Writer
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