Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I’m about to say something that will annoy all of you.  But I’m doing it out of love, because let’s face it, the reality is, something’s there needs to be some hard talk.  I do not care that the Yankees lose games during Spring Training.  It means nothing to me.  There, I said it.

Let’s not misunderstand me, I love to win, I fight to win. I’m a competitive guy when it comes to everything in life and baseball… except for the Spring.  When the Yankees lose in the Spring, it means absolutely nothing to me.  Why? Because we’re already getting crazy and not an official 2013 season pitch has been thrown.

You know what I care about? Healthy players. I care about good mechanics and if they aren’t good, that’s where the Spring kicks in. Work out the kinks.  I care about seeing the pitch and driving the pitch and if you miss… who gives a crap, IT’S SPRING! The timing will get there by April 1st, God willing.

I hate debating which players suck and which players don't in the Spring. It doesn't matter to me. I looked at Twitter after the game yesterday. I mean, are we really going to sit here and have a debate over where of not Joba Chamberlain should be a starter or reliever now? Are we really? As soon as the game ended yesterday, the Joba Chamberlain quote about him wanting to start or close one day was all over the net, read HERE.  The reality is, good for him if that's what he wants. He has that right, but do we really need to turn this into a story?  It's Spring Training, it's something to think about, if not with the Yankees, then down the road when he becomes a free agent somewhere.  The dude's just marketing himself, what's the big deal? And what if Joba stinks this spring. Are we going to suddenly start the cry of "trade Joba Chamberlain?"  Are we going to start the "Go start somehwhere else?" Really? Why? It's Spring.

You know what matters right now? Derek Jeter being on track for Opening day. You know what matters? Kevin Youkilis being healthy in the next few days, or Michael Pineda working toward a strong comeback this season or  CC Sabathia being dominant.  That’s what matters right now, because Spring is where it all comes together and believe it or not, wins... losses mean crap now. 

So, enough of this. Sometimes it gets way to overwhelming to understand.  Bottom line, I love my Yankees, but I love my Yankees winning during the season.  Sure, I love the boys throwing the ball around in the Spring, but that’s where it ends.  These games that don’t mean anything are exactly what they are… give it rest with the “Win every game this Spring” and “trade-off the deadweight” crap on February 26th… you can’t be serious. Can you?

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