Sunday, February 24, 2013


We are Team Posada here.  You know that about us here at Bleeding Yankee Blue.  We appreciate all that Jorge Posada has done for the Yankees over the years.  We admire the guts and determination he offers when he's out there and seeing him as an instructor over this past week (HERE) just gave us all alittle skip in our step.
Laura Posada has been such a great supporter of Bleeding Yankee Blue since our birth in 2010 and there is nothing better than getting a Tweet from her every once in a while telling us we did a "good job." 

In context, she was commenting on a piece I wrote titled  WE DON'T NEED SUPERSTARS, WE NEED BELIEVERS. Just hearing from Laura made our day here at BYB because, she gets us. She knows we stand for many Yankee fans out there and we try to be honest about our team from a fan perspective.

We here at BYB noticed this great video of the Yankee wives from their Fantasy Camp a few weeks ago and we wanted to show it to you.  It's Laura, Nina Wells and Monica Bush, with alittle commentary from their Yankee men, David Wells and Homer Bush, as well as terrific Video of the ladies playing ball in pinstripes.

But back to Laura and Jorge for a moment.  This post is about the Yankees, sure, but it's about all the great work that the Posadas do as well. They're a power couple.  We all know about how active they are in the Yankee community, but let's not forget all they did for the Jorge Posada Foundation while it was still active. 

The foundation gave a voice to Craniosynostosis and Laura is a board member with the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction.  She also has a show devoted to family on Utilisima and it's called "Survival Guide" and it's geared toward Latino households and helping them with solutions to helping with family problems. 

On Thursday April 4th the 2013 season begins again for Laura.  A terrific show idea by the way that is universal.  So many families could use a "tune up" and Laura is giving back with some tips and assistance when needed. You gotta love that. You can see the promo for it HERE.

The point is that I admire the Posadas.  They realize that with their celebrity, they are able to bring attention to certain causes and try to get people engaged.  It's an important quality, not to mention, they appear to be a wonderful family and believe in what they do.  
So, it's Sunday.  The sun is out in the Northeast... Yankee baseball is back and there are signs of life after a long hard winter.  What's the point of this post? Just to tell you that us Yankee fans have been spoiled.  Spoiled by some truly great Yankee players like Jorge, and Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera and when a couple like the Posadas can do all they can, not because they have to, because they want to... you really need to tip their cap.  Thanks guys.

Happy Sunday everyone. Enjoy the day.

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