Tuesday, February 5, 2013


You've got to admire a guy like Derek Jeter. When he addresses the media, he makes it cut and dry. No controversy and nothing that can be twisted and misconstrued. He is the best example of someone who won’t give you the inch to use against him. And the Alex Rodriguez PEDs allegations are no different.
Reporters stopped Jeter in Tampa where he has been training for the past week. They asked him about the Alex Rodriguez situation. He said “I don’t comment on anyone until they speak first. Let him address his situation before I comment on it.” You can read the rest of it HERE.
Seriously, has there been a better response to this situation than that? I personally don’t think so.
Look, I get it. Some fans are tired of ARod. They are over his contract and over him being in the media every other day. But this has become a bit ridiculous.
I’m not sticking up for ARod. I’m not standing and proclaiming his innocence. I’m just not ready to present him to an angry mob before there has been a full investigation. And never mind the fact that he hasn’t even had the chance to speak on all of this.
It doesn’t look good for ARod. That much we all know. But the thing that we keep forgetting is that these are still just allegations. Nothing has been proven. In the eyes of the law, he is innocent until proven guilty without a reasonable doubt. And until the DEA and MLB finish their investigation, there is plenty of reasonable doubt.
 I think we could all take lessons from our Captain here. I don’t know whether he is innocent or guilty. I don’t know how this season will end for him. I don’t know what will become of him next season, and neither does anyone else. The fact is ARod is in the media and in the forefront of so many stories because we put him there. Journalist/Bloggers feed off of fan feedback. If it is what you are discussing, it comes out in our writing. Maybe we should all take a step back and allow the authorities to do their job and give ARod a break from the front cover.
That's just my take, maybe yours is different. I bet it is for some of you, otherwise we wouldn't be talking about this constantly and reading so many "developments" everyday. Until the truth comes out, I follow Jeter's train of thought.

--Erica Morales, BYB Writer
Twitter: @e_morales1804

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