Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I wrote a piece about Derek Jeter and the fact that he will return this season and provide stability, leadership and an aura that will provide confidence and a gelling among Yankee players new and old that will in turn give all Yankee fans the happiness we need this season, after a very "weird" off-season.  It was called THE SECOND COMING OF DEREK JETER, and posted on January 29th. The piece was meant to be a "pick me up" when I simply wrote: 
"...guys who have only heard about Derek but never played with him will see something special if he's leading the charge.  Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, God willing, will all be there ready to go.  They are no spring chickens, that's for sure, but they are leaders that have been doing this since the beginning, as a team... as New York Yankees. They GET the Yankee way of doing things... When Jeter takes the field after an injury like that, wearing the pinstripes and holding the brim of his hat with a smile on his face, you can't sit there and tell me a player is going to think they CAN'T.  No.  They think they WILL.  Why? Because we have the greatest Captain that has ever graced Yankee Stadium and not only that... he's the best damn Captain in baseball."

On January 31st, to my surprise, the same inspirational piece came, NOT from BYB, but from the New York Daily News and Bob Raismann, HERE. When he wrote: 
"The captain’s presence and persona are uplifting. They can cleanse any muck surrounding the organization. In order for fans to keep the faith, they need a reason to believe, a face they can trust. Jeter, the transcendent one, is that man."
The only difference? I used the slow off-season as my conflict.  Bob used Alex Rodriguez.  Now, I like Bob and truth be told, I ain't scream plagiarism or anything, because he didn't steal my words... but he did steal my act and I guess I should be flattered or something.  At the end of the day, I'm a blog.  The Daily News has some great writers over there and they are much, much bigger than me. My point is, can't they do their job on their own?

We're a fan site and we do this from the heart.  When Bob wrote it, I wasn't exactly "feeling it". It seemed like he was just saying it.  For us here at Bleeding Yankee Blue... I know you come here because we wear our heart on our sleeve, we tell you just how we feel and we love our team because we're fans, not writers.

Maybe... just maybe that's the difference. Anyway... I thought that was interesting and wanted to bring it to your attention.

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