Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I have mad respect for Chris Dickerson and have for a while now.  He was a good Yankee, he appears to be a great teammate and all we were ever asking for on Bleeding Yankee Blue was for the Yankees to give the guy a legitimate shot.  He never got that shot, and in turn, he darted and found a job pretty darn fast with the Baltimore Orioles.  He’s the enemy now so to speak. But for me personally, he’s a pal. Why? Because he needs his BYB and he knows it.

Jeana Bellezza wrote a great piece about Dickerson yesterday titled I WANT CHRIS DICKERSON BACK! A piece reacting to the Curtis Granderson  injury and wondering it would have been smarter to keep Chris around, because, if he was with the Yankees, we’d get Dickerson in there and he’d compete for a spot this Spring in left field.   Dickerson, a good sport, Tweeted us yesterday morning with a:

I wrote him back immediately telling him he was “Loving this” meaning, loving the fact that he’s wanted in the Bronx!  He responded with:
He really is a good teammate and a good friend.  And I appreciate him taking the time to write us here at BYB.  He knows the Yankee fans have always been good to him. He gets it, he gets us and we appreciate the banter!

Chris, thanks for having some fun with us.  Keep reading Bleeding Yankee Blue, even in Baltimore. You da man.

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