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The title of this piece is true... very true.  We’re the Yankees. We always find a way to win and we have always manned the field with the best guys.  That's how we operate. So, it's not unusual that I’ve decided that I'm going to hold Yankee brass to their own words.  In other words, if they say they still want to better this club, or that there is still work to be done, I want it done. As a fan, that's not too much to ask.

Hal Steinbrenner (read HERE) can’t walk out and tell the world that "...We're going to continue to field a championship-caliber team....We're not done yet..."  and just NOT doing anything, can he?  Sure, I guess he could, he can do anything he wants, but in the real world, that brings anger among Yankee fans.  My take is simple... don’t piss off the Yankee base or we’ll have bigger problems as the owner of the Yankees.  Hell, look at the Miami Marlins fans, right? They can’t even get answers from their Marlins ownership down there, and they helped build the damn ballpark with tax payer money!  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  It’s that simple. 

If Brian Cashman is hinting that there is a "right handed bat" that the Yankee still want to sign and that's the TRUE reason Raul Ibanez, the postseason superstar skipped town for Seattle, then Brian Cashman damn sure better get us that "right handed bat."

Now, many have hated the way the Yankees have been run since George Steinbrenner passed away.  I say this very simply… we used to hate when George ran the club, have we forgotten already?  Being an owner is the worst job you can ever have.  You need to field the best team every year AND you need to deal with angry fans who don’t like what you do no matter what.  It’s the nature of the beast, but as an owner, you still need to do your job.  You can’t say that you want to add guys… and just NOT add them.  So who’s it going to be?   Bleeding Yankee Blue has given 3 big options. All are great, but 1 is most realistic because of what the Yankees would need to give up to get him… that’s Michael Morse.   

Sure, we’ve floated Giancarlo Stanton here… we’ve reported on Justin Upton, but Michael Morse makes sense.  Would I rather have Giancarlo Stanton? Yes, you heard it here first, but I want a player that wants to play hard for your team and Michael Morse has that passion too!  I’ve already created his nickname… the Bronx Beast.  I’ve heard the trade proposals by fans… “Trade Ivan Nova for Michael Morse” or “Trade Boone Logan for Michael Morse.  Well, look… I think we may need to get alittle more creative than that, but fans want this guy, that’s for sure.

Giancarlo Stanton can sometimes be downright impossible to figure out.  Why? Because 1st off, Marlins Brass has refused to talk to the media since the Blockbuster trade that nearly sent the entire Marlins club to Toronto, AND the last time we heard from them, they were “listening” to offers for Stanton, yet, Stanton was “untouchable.”  Which is it?  I believe this, and am confident in saying it... He’s going to be traded. Somewhere, somehow, trust me.  Be it now or July, Stanton will be in another uniform.   The Marlins thought they caught lightening in a bottle when they signed all these big names in the winter of 2012 and with the new ballpark, everyone in Miami was feeling good.  But to be honest… I’ve never seen such quitters in all my life.  1 season and they packed it in.  I don’t understand that mentality… maybe because I’m a Yankee fan.

Look, do I think the Yankees will get a right handed bat with power? When you ask? I have no idea, but let’s not forget, Alex Rodriguez was traded to the Yankees in February of 2004, so, any time is possible. 
I do know this and I’ll say it again… I’m holding Yankee brass to their comments… “We’re not done yet” and “Yankees priority is to sign a right handed OF.”  OK… well, there are options… find the right combination, make the right pitch and get that righty Cash… after all, it’s your job, not mine.

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