Thursday, January 24, 2013


I love that expression.  Beef.  “Hey, you got beef with me? 

Anyway… Everybody needs to calm down.  You know, it’s funny what happens when there is no news coming out of Yankeeland.  I mean, I’ve been struggling over here looking for the right Yankee nugget to keep everyone going in January.  But the reality is, there’s nothing.  Except of course if you’re Andrew Marchand and you like trying to spark controversy.  He tweeted this silly tweet yesterday that I almost responded too.  Then I thought differently and stopped myself because I wanted to leave that up to you guys. Why? Because you’re smarter than me... I have no patience for nuttiness.

Marchand simply tweeted this:

Now, couple that with the hilarious and witty post by Craig Calcaterra in Hardball Talk yesterday when he wrote “Sometimes I think that covering the Yankees is like covering junior high school…”   In The Yankees are apparently junior highschoolers now and Craig makes me feel better. Why? Because Calcaterra's right.  Trust me. There’s no story here.  Marchand started it, the Daily News HERE continued it and while the Daily News is right about Youk and him never having a problem telling Joba how he felt then, the reality is, there is NO beef with Joba now!  

The situation to me is simple, Youk didn’t just get 1 phone call when he signed with the Yankees, he received a ton of them…  texts, calls and probably went on vacation or something with his family.  Now there are reports HERE that he’s back and training with Kevin Long on his swing.  The dude’s busy and on the other side of the coin, so is Joba.   

Be honest... Do you really think Joba Chamberlain is "sad" he hasn't heard from Youk? Do you think Joba's counting the days until he goes to Spring Training, knowing he’s going to get a shiner as he walks into the clubhouse from Youk? No.  
(In Photo: Butch from the Little Rascals)
Joba made his phone call, the right thing the do by the way and the 2 of them will chat eventually. That's it, the end.  It’s a non-story. It’s a silly tweet and trust me, false nuggets just bring aggravation to Yankee fans.  People are looking for a "Bronx Zoo"… but there isn’t one, not this year at least.

Sure, did I feed into it when I wrote JOBA & YOUKILIS EXCHANGE TEXTS? Of course… but my post was a joke, not a silly injection of rumor and controversy… that’s the difference! That’s all I’m saying.

Quick Yanks… sign someone quick, the writers are going batty!

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