Thursday, January 24, 2013


We all have them. Those things we do during certain times of the year with those family and friends that are the closest to us. For some people, holidays are the most common times of the year when people gather and enjoy traditional foods and customs to celebrate the season. Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Easter and even Halloween are times that are special for any family.

But what about Baseball Season?

In my house, New York Yankees Baseball is another one of those family traditions. Beginning with me, the first generation, I hope that my daughter passes along some of these enjoyable traditions that we have created to celebrate America’s favorite pastime and America’s favorite baseball team.

It starts with Christmas, Incorporated with decking the halls, holly and mistletoe are the traditional New York Yankees gifts. Game tickets, Yankees gear, books and memorabilia are just some of the things we do to bring the Yankees into our holiday home. One year, a life-sized cut-out of Derek Jeter ( you know you have one ) stood proudly beside our Christmas Tree and kept watch for Santa, who brought tickets to a few Yankees games as gifts. The rest of the holiday season is enjoyed watching Hot Stove programs and Yankees Classics on the YES Network in anticipation for the coming baseball season.

Easter has its own unique traditions, too. Depending on when this holiday falls, the pre-season or regular game is on the TV as the family gathers around the dinner table for the traditional Easter feast. Easter egg hunts always include Yankees paraphernalia such as buttons, keychains, or anything else that can be easily hidden or will fit into an Easter basket.

Aside from the traditional holidays, we have made certain special events in the Yankees calendar holidays in our home as well. For instance, Old Timer’s Day is a family favorite. We gather around the television and have the traditional “baseball brunch” of foods you might find at Yankee Stadium. We set aside this day each year to honor our New York Yankees, past and present.

During the post-season, every day is a holiday. With the help of our trust DVR, each game is watched with fever as we celebrate the success of our team. Playoff games and World Series games are bonus holidays, spent very much the way we celebrate Old Timer’s Day. With pictures of Babe Ruth and other Yankees Greats on the mantle of our fireplace for good luck watching over us, we watch these games in anticipation of a Yankees Championship Win.

Trips to Yankee Stadium are holidays away from home, and we often celebrate my daughter’s birthday in April by attending a game. Seeing her name on the Jumbo-tron at the Cathedral is always a treat for her and I’m sure she’ll never get too old for this tradition.

All in all, the Yankees are a team that is celebrated and we like to honor these traditions in our home. What are some of your Yankees traditions? Please comment or visit Bleeding Yankee Blue.

--Christy Lee, BYB Features Writer

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