Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I have been a baseball nerd as long as I can remember. And not only that, I remember everything when it comes to my life and baseball.  I remember the day my dad bought me my first “old school” baseball card, this 1958 Yogi Berra below. We were on vacation in Cape Cod.  It was the morning of the last day of vacation.  It was a drizzly morning in the summer and I was very happy.

I remember my first stolen base in little league. It was at Anderson Field in Bloomingdale, New Jersey. I also remember playing Micro League baseball on my IBM PC Junior.  Micro league baseball was not only a really, really graphically poor looking baseball computer game (because it was 1984), but it was also the greatest game for a baseball nerd ever!  I loved to just pile up statistics as well as form my own baseball teams of all the players I could think of.

Last weekend, I was in my attic and found a box that had fallen over onto the insulation.  I found my Micro League floppy disks containing probably around 200 teams and stats.  I mean, this is hours and hours of useless and wasted energy that I spent in my youth, all on a bunch of floppy disks that I can no longer play.  Now that I think about it, I am not sure how I functioned in the real world after Micro League, because I remember being consumed. What a Nerd!!!

But I’m disappointed.  As technology advanced, my teams can’t come with me.  Those 5.25 inch floppy disks are most likely unusable. I’d love to look at the old teams and see who I played where, what the names were of the teams I created and well, if I must… be a nerd again… and play!

I searched the net casually searching for a solution. So I have to ask... Is Micro League baseball officially dead?

And so, I'm doing something I never thought I’d do… I’m asking you, the BYB readers, some of the smartest, most thoughtful readers out there, do you know if I can ever get some type of 5.25 floppy disk drive that I could plug into my PC , maybe via USB port and see what still exists on these disks?

Remember, this was for an IBM PC Jr., the format is DOS and the disks are 5.25.  I use Windows these days and have no idea if any of this stuff is compatible, usable and playable… but I’ll tell you something, I sure hope so and I am being serious when I ask…does anyone know?

I’m a sentimental guy.  I remember the little moments that shaped my youth.  Micro League Baseball was a big part of it.  Truth be told… I’d love to try and crack the case on this one… anyone want to help?  Email me at and let me know. I would truly appreciate it.

Your nerdy pal, Casey

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