Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I had a feeling the Yankees had absolutely no interest at all in Justin Upton, but BYB is a Yankee blog, and we are literally scrounging around for any positive nugget we can talk about to make Yankee fans happy.  We love Ty Hensley and the Posadas here, but if that is all we write about, you'd disappear. We get that.

Truth be told, when the latest rumors about Justin Upton possibly going to the Atlanta Braves in a deal that is supposedly to be done by Friday (because Towers is going away read HERE), I wasn't exactly shocked.  It's more frustrating for Yankee fans than shocking.  I mean... I give up.  Do you realize if that deal gets done like Ken Rosenthal of FOX is reporting HERE, it will mean 2 Uptons and 1 Jason Heyward in the Braves outfield.  That's not only great, it's outstanding.  It may even make me a Braves fan? I mean, I'd pay to see that.
The Yankees never had a shot and quite honestly, never tried. And to tell you the truth, even if Brian Cashman comes out and says they DID gave it a shot, I don't know if I'd believe him. Bottom line, you can't blame Brian Cashman, you need to blame Yankee brass. As stated in that amazing Wall Street Journal article back when the Winter Meetings were happening  HERE, Cashman's hands a tied.

Cashman is left at the corner, splashed with the biggest puddle imaginable because he's all alone without a penny to offer, or, in this case, a trade to offer. The Yanks are not the Yanks of yesterday.

My take is simple, Justin Upton would have been a brilliant right fielder for the Yankees, and sure, I'm premature here, speaking in the past tense like this trade to the Braves has already happened, but let's face facts... it's going to happen.  

Now, the Yankee world will turn toward Giancarlo Stanton and some will light a candle in their Stanton shrine tonight.  Some will just say a prayer, hoping that maybe, MAYBE, the Yankees are secretly in a back room somewhere not paying attention to the Upton rumors because they are about to make Yankeeland rejoice, giving them Giancarlo Stanton on a silver platter.  Meanwhile, others are realistic saying that this whole winter is a huge disappointment, a bust, or just a big bunch of crap.

Me? I'm trying to stay positive... but let's face facts... this non-movement is getting old quick.

Stay tuned for this Upton stuff with the Braves. When and if it happens, we'll report it here at BYB...promise.

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