Sunday, December 16, 2012


I appreciate the "good deed" in life. I appreciate the drive, the passion and the belief that one can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it.  I believe in giving back when one can and I believe that when someone becomes larger than life... you never forget the little guy.

Victor Cruz of the New York Giants did something today that brought me to tears. Probably because I have children, or maybe because kindness is what makes the world go round and we need to remember that once in a while.
New details revealed that one of the children murdered in the Sandy Hook shooting was a huge Victor Cruz fan. Jack Pinto was honored today personally by Cruz, who wrote Jack's name on his cleats. Sure, the whole NFL is honoring everyone who lost their lives in this horrific tragedy, but this story touched me so much because Cruz went the extra mile. He personally reached out to the Pinto family and connected with them sending prayers their way. 

As's Gregg Rosenthal writes: "'s Kimberly Jones said Cruz also left the conversation with the family believing Jack Pinto will be buried in a Cruz jersey. Cruz wore the cleats and glove during the game, and Nichols reported that the wide receiver plans to drive to Newtown this week to personally deliver the mementos to Pinto's family." Read the piece HERE.

Look, Bleeding Yankee Blue is a Yankee site, that's apparent, but let's be clear... This move by Cruz is outstanding.  I applaud him and I am personally having a hard time with this story so reading about this makes me feel good.

On a side note... you wanted to know where Kimberly Jones went? She's with the NFL. Below she is holding a helmet of one of the New York Giants.  Every Giant write "SHES" on their helmet for "SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL"... Amazing.
But back to Cruz for a moment. I applaud you Victor Cruz. You are what today's sports needs more of... more interaction and a more personal touch. Person to person contact, not celebrity to person contact. Cruz has a heart. This moment is real...Bravo!

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