Thursday, December 13, 2012


12/14/2012 6:55AM: It turns out there was a ton of confusion last night on whether or not Sanchez was signed by the Cubs, and now, there hasn't been any decision.  According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today (HERE), the Tigers are still very much involved and it all hinges on 5 years, something the Tigers weren't willing to do before.  Now that the Cubs have, the Tigers may, this could go down today.

Ken Rosenthal is all over the place. God bless him.  He reported that the Cubs and Anibal Sanchez were working toward a deal earlier in the day and now it can be revealed that Sanchez will in fact be signed by the Chicago Cubs. It will be a 5 year deal worth $75 million.  Read Rosenthal's tweet HERE.  Sanchez is yet another guy we here at Bleeding Yankee Blue thought perhaps could be a good fit in our own rotation. Read ANIBAL SANCHEZ: THE SHORT & LONG TERM FIX.

So yeah, more moves in Major League Baseball this offseason...

Hey, at least we got Youk...

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