Thursday, December 6, 2012


I don't care for Scott Boras and I believe the Yankees don't either.  Luckily Randy Levine of the Yankees had a few things to say to him.  That comes from the New York Times piece where Scott Boras questioned the Yankees tactics in reducing payroll.  You can read the full Times piece HERE.  But in a nutshell, Scott Boras said this:

“I think the model to be a Goliath is wholly different than the approach they’re taking. They’re reducing their payroll from past practices, despite record revenues in the $800-$900 million area, and frankly, when you look at the collective bargaining agreement, their reason for doing it, with the value of their brand, has to be looked at very closely.”

Randy Levine said this: "Scott’s a great agent, but he’s an agent.  Last I looked, he had zero experience running a professional sports team... My advice to Scott is stick to your day job representing players."

I believe that the Yankees have begun distancing themselves from Boras over the past few years and I am predicting a brutal divorce between the Yankees and Robinson Cano after next season if Boras is still representing him and annoying them.  It will be bloody OR Cano will re-sign on the Yankees' terms. The Yankees have been Scott Boras's cash cow for years and now with the tide turning in Yankeeland, Scott hates it.   I have never believed that Scott Boras has helped this game of baseball and I don't feel like he has the best interest for any player, it's all about him. Clearly that's my opinion of course. You are entitled to yours and I would respect it.

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