Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I had a crazy dream the other night. Some people think that dreams are a sign. Maybe they are, I’m not sure. I can tell you what I am sure of though…. my dream was crazy. It made no sense whatsoever! It was funny, but quite far-fetched. Maybe my dream isn’t the only thing that was crazy….maybe I AM going crazy.

I’ve had Jorge Posada on my mind a lot lately and I know I am not the only one. It was weird to see him go from everyday catcher to DH when Russell Martin came into town. Now Martin is gone and there is no apparent heir to the catcher throne yet…..ironic much? If you ask Yankee brass, they'll lead you to think that Austin Romine, Francicsco Cervelli and Chris Stewart could compete for a starting role, read HERE. Who knows... but back to my dream and Jorge Posada... which in my mind, is more entertaining at this point.

I wish there was a “rewind” button that we could press to solve our problems. Maybe that is why I had a dream about Jorge the other night….oh, and Jesus Montero was there too.

My mom and I were finally at our first game together at Yankee Stadium on Opening Day together. Jorge Posada was back in the dugout again, but this time he was a coach. Yeah, weird….but it gets weirder. The Yankees were playing the Seattle Mariners…and Jesus Montero was the catcher.  The experience with Seattle clearly agreed with him because he turned into this agile and impressive defensive catcher. He looked like a superhero and he called a great game that kept the Yankees off balance all night long.

Meanwhile, I have NO CLUE who our catcher was….kinda like right now. Seriously though, in my dream it was a player that walked around with every body part above his shoulders all blurred out. This mystery man on the other hand was not good behind the plate and the Mariners were just letting the guy make errors as they all walked home, literally. Our catcher couldn’t field at all, it was ugly. Poor Jorge was trying to help him out in the dugout between innings but it just wasn’t clicking.

Yankee fans were very restless and shouting from the stands. They wanted Montero back. As he walked up to the plate looking like some super human stud my mom called out to him, “We miss you Monty!” and he took off his batting helmet and tipped it toward her. Everyone in the crowd had the same reaction. The guy who supposedly “didn’t have a future in New York” was the guy that everyone missed. He was the talk of the town…..he was the one that got away and even though he knew that too, he didn’t have a big head because of it.

The Yankees took a beating in the game. Once the game was over Montero was one of the last players off of the field. Jorge walked out of the dugout and walked over to Montero and gave him a fist bump. My mom and I sat there watching this exchange between them. It was like they were old friends just shooting the breeze. As the two of them walked off of the field together Montero threw a ball into the stands right at my mom. He waved at her again.

 My mom yelled down to him, “It’s still weird seeing you in a different uniform, Montero. I am happy for you! I just wish you were enjoying all of your success here in the Bronx.”
He smiled and said, “Thanks, but things happen for a reason, right?”

“We miss you too, Jorge” I chimed in but I must’ve made some sort of a weird face because Jorge stopped and looked up at me and said “Once a Yankee always a Yankee. Remember that. Don’t be sad, just remember all of the good times you had and always live in the moment.” They both said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. It felt so real.

I’m not sure if dreams have some sort of a deeper meaning. All I know is Jorge was going to pass the torch down to someone else and we had a lot of options at the time, Montero was one of them. Now we don’t have either of them. We have a lot of unanswered questions at this point. Things happen for a reason, I just wish I had all of the answers. On another note, I am jealous of what happened in my dream. That’s another weird part of this story, right? Keep dreaming fans….it will all work out.

--Jeana Bellezza, BYB Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ

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