Thursday, December 27, 2012


You need to be a master to Tweet and follow and DM and all that stuff with you are on Twitter. You sometimes have to be strategic. We write a lot of content here and we hear from you guys a lot. Sometimes were want here from the big guns too and when we do, we write about it here.

Now, It's no secret I want to pick the brain of guys like Bob Lorenz and Meredith Marakovits (read BRONX HOTTIE) and hopefully over time, I will.  And you all know about the fascination I have with Ken Singleton. I get a kick out of him and I love him in the booth. Read my piece THE JOY OF KEN SINGLETON for my piece about Kenny.

Well, the other day, Jesse Schindler, one of our Bleeding Yankee Blue writers wrote a piece about Phil Hughes titled SHOULD THE YANKEES EXTEND PHIL HUGHES' CONTRACT?  We had a few re-tweets and responses on Twitter like we normally do. Then something weird happened. Ken Singleton DM'ed me (or Direct Messaged me if you don't know Twitter) and commented about what he thought of the piece and gave his opinion. That was nice of him and I'm not going to reveal the comment because it was private for a reason, but I laughed because when I wrote him back, it was rejected. That's because Ken Singleton isn't following me.  I mean, he did follow me, for the moment he wanted to Direct Message me, but then un-followed me again so I couldn't Direct Message him back.  The weird world of Twitter.  Let me say this... It takes a strategic effort to do this. Am I mad? No, but I was hoping to have alittle dialog with the guy, you know, maybe I could check in on him, see if he reads BYB, extend an invite, maybe I'd  like to see if he played golf with Paul Blair recently, that kind of thing.

So what's the lesson? I guess don't follow people that don't follow you, or maybe just build a relationship on Twitter so eventually Ken Singleton will follow me long enough that I can have a dialog with him on our DM and hopefully he won't un-follow me so I feel rejected.

Kenny, help me out man, follow me. I don't bite.

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