Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It's December. I feel like every December the past few years there has been lack of movement or a "gift" that we just weren't exactly looking for. Remember Bartolo Colon a few years back? No one really wanted him, and sure, he turned out to be a nice success story with the Yanks, until he ran out of gas. But truth be told, he wasn't on the list, you know what I mean?
We're at that point again, we have a Christmas list, but no one's really reading it.  There are a lot of presents we could be given this year, but like a child with a sibling though, somehow  the gift goes to them rather than us. What follows is jealousy and sadness because we didn't get what we wanted for Christmas.

The Yankees, or, Santa in this scenario, have a lack of motivation. Sure, it's been stated numerous times that we don't have the money for big time players anymore.  Sure, we've heard that Cashman doesn't have "permission" to spend (Read HERE.)  Look, if you're like me, you grew up a Yankee fan in the Steinbrenner era, so these days are strange to us. I personally don't really like the era of the broken down and "cheap" player. We want what we want.  After all,  this Christmas season, and we're Yankee fans.  So I ask for Yankee Brass to do the right thing... Give the Yankee fans what we want for Christmas... Players we can count on.  Players we know can contribute and not guys that are "available".  We want energy in our General Manager... We don't need a lethargic Santa Claus.
I have always loved the Yankees franchise and have defended them even when others just want them to go away. People have accused the Steinbrenner sons as not being as tough as their father. I think we're in different times. I think the Luxury Tax is a major issue for the Yankees and Hal is the numbers guy, Hank has the knee-jerk trait from George and with it, their doing it their way, the best they can. Bottom line, the Yankees need to figure out though.  Patience is fine, but this is more than patience... it's small market baseball, something Yankee fans are not used to. At the end of the day, they need to sign us good players. Why? I'll tell you why. We are Yankee fans.
Yankee fans pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to watch our collection of players play in pinstripes, in Yankee Stadium. Getting to the Bronx is a struggle sometimes in this congested city. Paying for parking is expensive.  Buying food and getting a good seat in the House that Jeter Built isn't easy because for a family of 3 or 4 or 6, it's damn expensive.  But we do it. We do it because we love our Yankees and we want them to win... all 162 games if possible. So all we ask is for the Yankee brass do their job, be creative, be smart and get us the players WE WANT to represent the pinstripes each year.

Stop with the guys who you "think" can help and are super "cheap" and go with the believers and the hard workers and the "sure things" that we know can do the job, be it Ichiro or Eric Chavez or Raul Ibanez or Josh Hamilton or whomever. Too expensive? Then figure out the right way to get it done. 
(In Photo: Jason Giambi)
We don't need a 7 year deal with a Jason Giambi type, but put it this way, if Ichiro is available and willing and the fans want him...guess what should be done? And by the way, it should have been done around Thanksgiving!  If Jeff Keppinger seems interested and the fans want him, work out a deal instead of letting him walk away. Russell Martin was "Munson-like" remember? Suddenly that doesn't matter to you? And Kevin Youkilis, if he wants a chance to contribute in pinstripes and we feel good about him. make a move and make it happen. The point is, it's Christmas and we are fans, or, the children in this scenario... give us the top toy, not a knockoff.

At the end of the day... it's the holiday season, we are Yankee fans and we pay for these guys to play, so in the best interest of this Yankee ball club, as the owners and general managers... your job is simple... Give us what we want Santa, because at the end, we both have a common goal... winning #28. And you us happy children, don't you Santa?

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