Tuesday, December 18, 2012


In the dating world, the ultimate date for a dude is to take a nice woman to dinner, maybe they go dancing, a movie, drinks and an extra activity could come into play... that's in  the mind of a man.  Usually it ends with a kiss and "I'll call you" or maybe that was just me.  Sometimes though, you wake up and have breakfast.  Nick Swisher's in Cleveland and most likely last night's dinner in Cleveland was great and most likely he had a hearty breakfast.  Reports are right now he's being flirted with alittle more this afternoon.... with the Cleveland Indians executives. Maybe and offer is near? Hmmm....

The latest report is coming from Jordan Bastian of MLB.com, read HERE.

Now, it's my opinion that an offer will be made there or "soon."  There has to be and good for Nick if it happens.  Look, I love Nick Swisher but it was clear for his own sake, he had to test the free agent market and I'm glad he's getting an opportunity to.

I received a comment in DINNER IN CLEVELAND FOR NICK SWISHER yesterday that I enjoyed very much.  It's below:

I love this comment and I agree with it. Look, if the Indians fans treat Nick well, it's great.  Lord knows Nick will fall in love with the Indians fans just like he did in New York...he has that type of personality.  There is no doubt that Swish will be the "mayor" and become insanely popular there.  I can only assume he gets an offer in the next several hours from the Indians, it just makes sense.  If so, good for him.

Stay tuned... if a deal comes down, we'll tell you about it.

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