Friday, December 28, 2012


The Yankees have continued interest in Scott Hairston, yet, we have seen no movement.  Why I wonder? It reminds me alot about the Yankees "pursuing" Eric Chavez and then didn't and then "reaching out" to Raul Ibanez and then didn't.  Anyway, you can read about the Hairston report HERE from the New York Post.

As Kevin Kernan writes simply: "The Yankees still have an interest in signing another outfielder and remain interested in Scott Hairston."  This nugget was in a bigger Kernan piece where he talked about the Matt Diaz signing with the Yankees and how excited he is to play with the Yanks.  He Tweeted it:
Reading Diaz in his own words kind of makes me feel bad for not getting excited about the Yankees signing him in the first place.
Clearly the guy is looking forward to this opportunity and clearly that's what we want in our Yankee players.  It goes back to what I wrote about in WE DON'T NEED SUPERSTARS, WE WANT BELIEVERS"...Trust me, while we have good players already, we don't need additional superstars, we need solid players, we need believers to fill the holes... that's it..."  Diaz fits that mold.

If anything happens with Hairston, or anything else, we will bring it to you, right here at Bleeding Yankee Blue.

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