Sunday, December 23, 2012


Not only did Yankee fans get a punch in the gut last night when Raul Ibanez got fed up with Yankee negotiations (most likely) and signed with the Seattle Mariners, read our story titled RAUL IBANEZ TO THE YANKEES: "TIME'S UP!", now the Cleveland Indians reportedly just signed Nick Swisher to a 4 year deal worth $56 million, read Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News HERE.

There is not much more to say, the Nick Swisher era is officially over in New York.  It almost seems as though the tradition of getting players Yankee fans want is over as well. It's becoming increasingly clear that the Yankees have another plan for this club and fans are not in their plans even though we pay for these players. 

It's disgraceful what happened with Raul Ibanez.  There is no excuse. 

Yankee brass needs to come clean. They need to stop with the Luxury Tax crutch. Why? Because if that was the true reason the Yankees haven't gone with big contracts, then what's their excuse with Raul Ibanez? It's disappointing and disgusting...the fans demand answers. 

Bottom line, sometimes I feel like Yankee fans get it right, with Raul, age didn't matter...production did and Raul provided that. Despite what Yankee brass believes, the Yankee fans got it right with Raul and it hurts like hell that they disregarded Raul's own statements HERE, that he wanted to come back to the Yankees. 

As far as Nick Swisher is concerned.  Congrats... and congrats to Cleveland Indians fans too.  He will be loved in Cleveland, an Ohio guy who will be embraced.  It's a new journey for him and for the Indians fans. I wish both, he and them, nothing but the best... Merry Christmas.

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