Monday, December 3, 2012


Just a quick note of thanks for New York Yankee, Francisco Cervelli. Look, we're all fans and we interact a lot.  Sometimes were have the luxury of interacting with some of the Yankees... Twitter makes that possible.
So it should be of no big surprise (but it's still pretty damn cool), to know that when you write something with good intentions to let others know you believe in a players ability and they receprtiate, with an acknowlegement or wink, or whatever, you have to just smile.

Bleeding Yankee Blue wrote extensively about the fan and player connection and how times have changed over the years.  If you need a refresher, read CONNECTION ISN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE
and when you're done with that, read  LET'S GET "REAL" BETWEEN PLAYERS & FANS AGAIN.

"Sure, we’re still fans and sure, we still root for our guys like crazy, but if you truly want a piece of signed memorabilia and you’d like to personally witness the event happen, you need to go to a card signing and stand in line for hours and hope you meet the player before being whisked away by his “people” so they can keep the line moving.  I’ve been there, I get it, but there are too many cooks in the kitchen these days. There are too many layers and much less interaction with the players. I long for the 'old days.'"

In a nutshell, Cervelli made it feel like the 'old days' on Twitter on Saturday for us here at Bleeding Yankee Blue. I sent out a tweet letting him know that Yankeeland was looking to him now that Russell Martin made a mad dash to Pittsburgh.

The post ALL EYES ON CERVELLI AS RUSSELL MARTIN BOLTS NEW YORK was pretty popular and then Cisco did something, from a player to a fan... he responded.   You need to tip your cap, because we all know as Yankee fans that things haven't exactly worked out for the guy this past season. But that didn't matter that moment.
You gotta love Cervelli. He keeps his nose to the grindstone, stays focussed and through all the B.S. he still makes sure the fans know he cares... you got to love that!

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