Friday, December 21, 2012


Derek Jeter does not Tweet. I often have a debate with Bleeding Yankee Blue readers on whether or not the Captain will ever Tweet. I say no way.  Some believe he will cave eventually.  To that I say, you're dreaming...

And speaking of dreaming, I often like to do this, I write a post once in a while imagining if Jeet DID Tweet, what the hell would he Tweet about?  I often pretend he's a jokester, making fun of his teammates, breaking chops, etc.  Like for instance... we as Yankee fans want to know what's going to happen with the Catcher spot, right?  Brian Cashman says he's sticking with Austin Romine, Francisco Cervelli and Chris Stewart, read HERE.  I pretended Jeet reached out to CC Sabathia on Twitter asking him about it:

I mean look, in the real world, Tweeting would be perfect for Jeter right now.   He's coming back from surgery. It's the off-season. It's not like he can move around a lot with that ankle. He's probably doing a lot of sitting.  How easy would it be for him to just take out the iPhone and start Tweeting... like to Curtis Granderson for instance:

Or, how about breaking Francisco Cervelli's balls a bit in front of millions of fans on Twitter. I can picture this, partly because Cisco is such a good sport and often interacts with the fans.  Here's how I picture a Tweet from Jeet to Francisco going:

Look, bottom line, Derek Jeter will never Tweet, EVER! But if he did, and he was as much of a wise ass as I'm making him out to be, Hell, it would make twitter a lot more fun.

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