Monday, November 26, 2012


Thank God Eli Whiteside is signed with the Yankees today. Now we're moving!  It was announced HERE that the Yankees and Eli Whiteside have agreed on a 1 year deal worth $625,000, and $200,000 in the minor leagues. Read about it HERE.

I am not going to sit here and try and fool you... I know nothing about Eli Whiteside other than he's a backup catcher.  I can't tell you that I could actually pick Eli Whiteside out of a lineup if I needed to. I don't think I can.  When the Yankees first claimed Eli Whiteside off waivers from the San Francsico Giants, I was sarcastic with my post titled ELI WHITESIDE IS A YANKEE! WAIT, WHO?,  Why you ask?

(In photo: Jesus Montero)
Well, it was because I couldn't understand why the Yankees could get rid of a young phenom in Jesus Montero, then watch Francisco Cervelli kick ass in spring training last spring only to send him to the minors on the last day in favor of Chris Stewart.  Now, we have Eli Whiteside and I think the only reason why the Yankees signed the guy is because they want to see how many times I can write Eli Whiteside, the full name into this post so I can just laugh at myself all night. 

I can see it now...Spring Training:

Jeter: "Yo man, what's up, Derek Jeter..." (shakes hand)

Whiteside: "Eli Whiteside, nice to meet you."

Jeter: "Seriously?"

Whiteside: "Seriously..."

Anyway... look, the Yankees made a move, they nailed down Eli Whiteside.  Yankeeland rejoices and I wish Eli Whiteside the best of luck.

...11 times by the way... Eli Whiteside... 12. Am I the only one who thinks this guys name sounds funny? Oh God I'm tired.

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