Friday, November 9, 2012


David Phelps: I have a gut feeling David Phelps is going to be traded.  I don't know why, but I almost feel like the guy is walking in the same footsteps as a guy like Hector Noesi... used a lot down the stretch, then Brian Cashman tries to find a microphone to tell everyone that he believes David Phelps will be a starter within the organization, read HERE and then I feel like in 2 days we wake up and he was traded off, like Noesi was, like Jesus Montero was... and then that up and comer we all hoped would be the next Yankee superstar is just gone.  Hopefully I'm wrong, but you never know when you're dealing with Cashman. This is what Cashman said about Phelps (HERE): "I don't pencil him anywhere right now, but I think he's best as a starter...Good starters can all go to the pen. Pens are where failed starters go. He can do that." 

(In photo: Hector Noesi)
Here is what Cashman said about Hector Noesi in December 2011 (HERE):  “Noesi has the chance to be a good major league starter... We like Noesi as much as we like Nova.’’ I see a pattern... could Phelps be traded next? Stay tuned.

Michael Pineda: Pineda will make his official Yankees debut... some day.  Cashman spoke of Michael Pineda and said this about his rehab (HERE): "...he’s just flat-ground throwing – but it will take him into late May (or) June. I think it’s best for us to pretend he’s not even there and then have him sneak up on us. And I hope he does, but I’m not going to count on him. I don’t think that’s going to be fair. Our fans need us to obviously put something there that you feel good about, and I don’t want to put something there that will take care of it in April and May and it’s kind of locked in, from June on we’re going to have this guy. That would be a mistake. He’ll be ready when he’s ready, and we’ll be happy to take him. But to count on him would be wrong.”

Everyone in Yankeeland wants to see this kid knock our socks off and if he doesn't we're going to kick and scream and wonder why the hell Cash got rid of Jesus Montero.  For now though, it's baby steps with Pineda... hopefully this kid pans out.

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