Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The Yankees and Andy Pettitte are close to a deal. This is coming from Buster Olney, read HERE.
Yankeeland is getting excited... and they should be.  Someone asked me last night on Twitter if I thought Andy would be back. I said he would be... without a doubt.

Yesterday it was reported that Andy was "working out".  That of course peaked everyone's interest.  Then there were whiffs that Andy and the Yankees were talking. Trust me, if Andy made a B.M., we'd know about it. Yankee fans are on the edge of our seats. Look, this is an obvious one.  I don't think any Yankee fan truly believed that Andy wouldn't come back.  Of course, you know my motto, family comes first and Andy could have opted for that instead. But let's be honest, when a season is cut short due to injury and then you come back and there is a hint that you can still give a lot to your team, like Andy last season, well, there's unfinished business, no doubt.  Nose to the grindstone and shoot for the stars... Andy is not done.  Trust me. 

I expect the deal to come down today or tomorrow and I am guessing an $11 million, 1 year deal.  Who really knows.  What we do know is we need Andy.

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