Thursday, November 22, 2012


The Red Sox have signed corner outfielder Jonny Gomes to a 2 year contract worth $10 million, read HERE.  

Now all eyes are on Nick Swisher because at this point, it would make no sense for the Red Sox to sign Swish to a big money contract if he's going to platoon with Gomes in the outfield and platoon at first base. So, I found his apology that you're about to read about to be strategic of sorts.  Now look, I know his apology is sincere, but I do question the timing.  

In Mark Feinsand's piece late last night read HERE, Swisher said: "There’s only one thing that I would have taken back,” Swisher said, referring to his Oct. 14 comments in which he acknowledged being “hurt” by the fans' boos at the Stadium throughout the postseason.

“It was a bad time, and the end of the season was hard for all of us. If I offended anybody with what I said, I apologize. I didn’t mean it; Yankees fans are the greatest in the world,” Swisher said. “There’s no better place to play than Yankee Stadium in front of that New York fan base.”

I like that. It takes a big man to say their sorry. And like I mentioned in NICK SWISHER TO THE RED SOX? I'M GONNA BE SICK, just a few hours before Feinsand's piece was released, I said that as far as I was concerned Swish was forgiven. I understand what happened in this playoff... I totally get it. He felt smothered, attacked and retaliated.  Of course he didn't mean it, but he was protecting himself.  Now, the dude's about the be a father (in May) and he's out of work.  The Red Sox, a big money team just signed Gomes and he probably feels like he walked out of Yankee Stadium without saying goodbye. I told you that "feeling" would eventually bite him in the ass when I wrote HEY NICK... IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU! I wrote: "...if they don't get back and the season ends in Detroit, won't it be a real crappy way for Swisher to end his career in New York? Us fans booing him and Nick Swisher attempting to get the last word? It's kind of rotten...on both sides."
Let me tell you something, the best thing Nick could do right now after he started the healing is he walk over to Cashman and take that hometown discount because he's "seen the light". If he did, I'd be thrilled.  Nick's a good ball player, a good team player and has a terrific energy in the Yankee clubhouse.  He'd be smart to finish he career in the Bronx because let's be honest, the New York Yankees and it's fans are the best thing that ever happened to Nick Swisher... and I think Nick is starting to see the light. 

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