Tuesday, October 16, 2012


“I'm one of those guys, you giver me a hug and I run through a wall for you... 
It's tough, it's really tough.'' 
--Nick Swisher
Who doesn't love Nick Swisher? Since he came to New York, he's been the Bronx Elvis, a love for all Yankee fans, a happy guy that changed the energy in the clubhouse. We used to be corporate, not we're corporate with a smile.  The Yankees also win and he's been a big part of it. But when the postseason hits, Swisher disappears.  It's almost like the "short" season exposes him.  

Look, I've been overly critical of Swisher on Bleeding Yankee Blue lately, but do I hate him? No.  Swisher got pretty upset about the booing at Yankee stadium this playoff and I have to say, I don't blame him... but I get it.
This is how I see it, and you can agree or disagree, and it's fine with me...here's my take;  Nick Swisher plays for the New York Yankees, the greatest franchise in sports.  We have a sold out stadium ever night and some of the most expensive seats in our house.  We also pay our guys a bunch of money to perform. Why? Because we can. So after 27 champions, we want 28 and so on.  Nick Swisher is part of that plan and when he came here in 2009 with CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett and Mark Teixeira, he flew under the radar and eventually stepped to the forefront and became one of the most likable guys in baseball on the biggest stage. 

But there's one problem about Nick Swisher snapping back at the fans booing him at Yankee stadium.  Nick Swisher is taking it personally.  This has nothing to do with Nick Swisher. This has everything to do with the Yankees not winning.  Nick's not understanding what we expect as fans and while Nick is part of the problem with his horrendous postseason numbers, it's much bigger than Nick. It's the fact that we have come all this way as a team and we can't lose. The fans pay a ton of money all season long, money that goes toward the players' salaries and when the Yankees lose, we all lose.
The fans have the right to be mad. We want a return on our investment!  Sure, booing players is something I hate.  It's cruel, it serves no purpose but to hurt someone's feelings...maybe it's the nerd in me who was picked on as a kid, who knows. I know this though, cruelty toward human beings sucks.  Swisher's feeling are hurt, but I say simply, suck it up, it's not only about Nick Swisher!  Nick needs to learn to blow it off, it's not just about him, but he instead went to the press and told the fans how he felt.  Now, Truth be told, who knows if the Yankees will make it back home in the ALCS. I sure hope so, so we can root them on in the hopes of getting to the World Series. But if they don't get back and the season ends in Detroit, won't it be a real crappy way for Swisher to end his career in New York? Us fans booing him and Nick Swisher attempting to get the last word? It's kind of rotten...on both sides.

I do know this, Nick needs to realize just how important our franchise is to us and he's just 1 part of it.  The Yankees are iconic and are winners.  Our fans are more passionate than anyone out there and in the end, it's not about 1 guy Nick, it's about our investment in all the guys, all 25 of them.  We want wins, we demand wins and we don't tolerate losing.   So while Nick made his statement to the press about how he's a sensitive guy and "it hurts" (HERE), I get that, but he needs to also understand why we're so upset.  You don't get to the rodeo just to fall off the horse... you ride it to the finish... that's the bottom line Nick. Put your ego aside and and see the big picture...the fans!

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