Saturday, November 24, 2012


So the latest from the Mike Napoli camp is that the New York Yankees, the Texas Rangers, the Seattle Mariners and the Boston Red Sox have all had contact with Napoli.
Napoli, while a talented catcher, can also play first place.  In reality, it is a perfect fit for the Yanks who have not made any offer to Russell Martin yet and need a starting catcher and a backup first baseman to help out on those days Mark Teixeira tweaks something. But this is what I find super annoying.  Mike Napoli wants a 4 year deal.  Yeah, and I want a 4 week vacation in Hawaii, but it ain't happening. And if I did get it, Lord knows I'd have a string of bad luck... rain, a biking accident, maybe even a tarantula crawling on my chest while I'm sleeping. (Any Brady Bunch nerds out there?)
The point is a 4 year deal, read HERE, for Napoli would be madness and if he isn't interested in anything less, well, the Red Sox can have him (he met with the Sox this weekend, HERE), The Mariners can have him. 4 year deals and the Yankees don't mix. Players breakdown and I see that happening to Napoli. Trust me, we don't need a catcher who came off a .227 season in 2012.  Now you can point at 2011 and tell me that he had great numbers (.320 / 24 /56). I will tell you that there's always a fluke in baseball and 2011 was Napoli's fluke.
4 years is greedy. If I'm Russell Martin, I'm calling the Yankees right now and I'm telling them I want a 2 year deal.  That will cement the deal quickly and Napoli can go enjoy his breakdown with the Sox.

Man, the off season can get ridiculous.  The only thing more ridiculous with the Napoli would be if Scott Boras was his agent.  Look, Mike Napoli is a good catcher, probably a great teammate, but not at 4 years he ain't.  That's my take at least.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. You have a great sense of humor for a sportswriter. I emailed BYB earlier this weekend, and was wondering if you got it.


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