Friday, November 2, 2012


Oh hell... you didn't want him anyway.

Yancen Pujols of El Caribe confirms HERE that Dan Haren has been traded to the Chicago Cubs for Carlos Marmol.  The deal is done and Yankeeland is happy that Haren isn't coming to the Bronx.

When Jesse Schindler wrote that the Yankees were targeting Haren in IS DAN HAREN A YANKEE TARGET? earlier in the week, you guys weren't too thrilled.  Look, I get it, the guy's coming off a not-so-great season with the Los Angeles Angels.  Plus, he has a cranky back, much like Roy Oswalt. But stranger signings have happened with the Yankees... Freddy Garcia.... Bartolo Colon....even Hiroki Kuroda. The point is, I would have taken a chance on Haren for 1 year. I mean, what the hell? Based on our track record, it actually makes sense.

So yeah, once again, this name has passed, and this time around, Yankeeland is rejoicing. So... bring on the next rumor.

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