Thursday, November 1, 2012


Put a fork in it, the 2012 season is over. Instead of focusing on what could have been, it’s now time to look at what 2013 could be. Sure, we miss watching our Yankees here at BYB but when we can’t watch, we imagine and we make predictions which can help pass the time until spring comes back. Be sure to read our first Trades and Rumors installment titled BYB TRADE RUMORS & FREE AGENTS: PART 1

Here are some more names we are keeping tabs on:
Angel Pagan:  Pagan is sitting pretty right now. Not only is he relishing with his World Series Championship, but he may have a lot of opportunities out there. We haven’t heard him be tied to the Yankees yet….but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens at some point, especially if the Yankees want to part ways with Curtis Granderson eventually. This could be the best shot he has in landing a multi year deal. I am sure the Giants want him back, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he declines. We will watch this one, it is a mutual fit.
 AJ Pierzynski:  In the event that Russell Martin does not come back, AJ is an interesting option. He knows how to perform under pressure, and is championship proven so he knows how to win. He also makes left handed pitchers sweat a little and he has power. He hit a career high 27 home runs this year, so he could do damage in Yankee stadium.  He would be a cheaper alternative to say another popular name of Mike Napoli, who will surely be looking for a big deal. Both names are possible if Russell Martin isn’t back in pinstripes next year.
Jeff Keppinger:  Yes, you read that correctly. The Yankees are a perfect fit for him, theoretically. To be realistic, Alex Rodriguez probably won’t give the Yankees 130+ games next season. Even if he did, some of those days are going to be in a DH role and that leaves a vacancy at third base. If Eric Chavez doesn’t come back, he could fill that role. Keppinger is known for hitting left handed pitching, he had a .376BA this season but he can also hit righties (.303BA) which could come in handy if the Yankees need to sit Alex Rodriguez out for a night or two. He is also a good hitter, tough to strike out and can be used all over the infield except for shortstop. He has also played in the AL East when he was with Tampa Bay so could make him an even better fit. Read another BYB theory about 3rd base as well, read our piece titled IF YOU COULD LAND KEVIN YOUKILIS, WOULD YOU? I know what you're thinking... Yuk!

Shohei Otani:  WHO?! You may be asking that….and after you read this, prepare to do some extra Google researching. Otani is an 18-year old Japanese phenomenon from Japan. He is a starting pitcher that features a strong fastball that he can throw between 95-100 mph. He also has a good slider and a curve ball with good movement. Several teams will be interested in Otani because he is strictly a free agent who has not played in Japan yet. He is free to play with any team he chooses and there would not be a posting fee to get him here. Some people may still be recovering from the Kei Igawa backfire, but Yu Darvish proves that not all Japanese pitchers are a bust.

This is just the start of a busy off season and we will have all of the news…bring on the rumor mill!

--Jeana Bellezza, BYB Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ

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