Saturday, November 24, 2012


Giancarlo Stanton: Yeah, that's right... now he's being chatted about. Ever since the Marlins gave up their players in that Blockbuster deal with the Blue Jays, it makes sense to think about getting the Marlins to unload Stanton.  I was one of the first to suggest it and was quickly shut down by everyone.  Then, conveniently many are now creeping in suggesting the same thing. Enter Jim Salisury of who thinks the Phillies need to "reach out" to the Marlins to see if Stanton is for sale... HERE.  Pay attention to Stanton, he's a hot potato right now whether you think he is or not.

Mike Napoli: Jon Heyman says the the Mariners and the Red Sox are very interested in Napoli.  Read his tweet HERE.

Rafael Soriano: According to, the Tigers are NOT expected to pursue Soriano, but of course Scott Boras will reach out and try to make a deal work anyway.  You can read about it HERE. There was talk HERE that suggested that it may be a good fit. That's ESPN.

Dan Haren: The San Diego Padres are interested in possibly signing Haren, but much like many teams, they are hesitant because of his back issues, read HERE.  If I'm the Yankees, I want the guy and I'd roll the dice on him, but the deal has got to be right.

Julio Izturis: The Blue Jays continue their pursuit of every player in baseball.  They just signed Izturis, Cesar's brother to a deal.  Read about it HERE.  There was apparently some confusion earlier in the week that the signed Cesar...they didn't.

Francisco Liriano: I have always liked Liriano and he's a free agent again after being traded to the Chicago White Sox last season.  You have to wonder if the Yankees have reached out to Liriano because the 2 parties have always been connected at one time or another.  Sure, there is some inconsistency with Liriano, but there is inconsistency with every pitcher.  Much like Haren, I'd low-ball him and try to get him in the stable.  Why not? For the record, I'd take Liriano over Haren.

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