Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Look, this is silly, but keep reading, maybe it could make alittle sense.

People are down on Alex Rodriguez... really down on him.  There was plenty of chatter on Twitter during the playoffs that Alex needed to get traded, he needed to be a permanent designated hitter. That his days were numbered in New York and he should be traded to the Miami Marlins.  We even heard that from this point forward, Alex will no longer hit against righty pitching, read HERE. There was also a story yesterday that said that Joe Girardi reached out to Alex Rodriguez, the first time since the postseason when Joe pulled him out of the lineup, to see if ARod was "OK", read HERE. For the record, I don't think that a story about a manager calling a player is actually a story, but whatever.   The point is, once again in the postseason, Alex Rodriguez is a no show and once again, questions are raised about him.
Look, my feeling is Alex isn't going anywhere. He's staying put in the Bronx, but maybe the real question needs to be, "Should Alex be the full-time 3rd baseman for the Yankees anymore?" My feeling is he should, especially if Eric Chavez was to come back as a backup to 3rd again.  Chavez fills that backup role brilliantly, when he doesn't get hurt, of course.
But what if Eric Chavez decides that he doesn't want to come back? And what if the Yankees are truly worried about the hitting of Alex Rodriguez against right handed pitching and maybe him breaking down as the years go on.  If Kevin Youklis became available on the free agent market, like it appears he will be, would you try and snag him?

It's being reported that the White Sox have decided that they will not pick up the Kevin Youkilis option for 2013, worth $13 million, read HERE. Now, sure, the White Sox will re-approach Youk and see if they can work out another deal, a cheaper deal and try and bring him back, but the guy will no doubt be in demand and in turn, it could drive up the price.

The Yankees have a few bucks and clearly hitting became the ultimate problem by the time the postseason rolled around for the Yanks.  If someone like Youk became available, and the Yankees could land him at a decent dollar and IF there was a way that it could work between Alex AND Kevin Youkilis into the Yankee lineup understanding everything about Alex and the possible retirement of Eric Chavez... do you go for it? I think I may. There is one big factor though... would Youk go for it. Would Youk want to play every day at third and accept that from another club or would he want to be part of the Yankees and work along side Alex, rather than against him.  Bottom line... stranger things have happened. 

Comment, let me know what you would do.

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