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ALEX RODRIGUEZ: For anyone that thought that Alex Rodriguez was going to get traded to the Miami Marlins the day after the Yankees were swept in the ALCS, think again.  Look, to be honest with you, I have never written about this story until now.  Why? Because I think it’s crap and once again, there are “sources” involved and no one is verifying the story, they're just piling on, trying to put pressure on the New York Yankees to say something, anything so they can get a further nugget about it. The closest we were able to dig into was the story involving Hank Steinbrenner saying Alex is getting too much of the blame, HERE. The other was Alex saying he’s happy to be in pinstripes HERE.  Oh, and the great Jon Heyman who also uses “sources” to tell us that the Miami Marlins and Los Angeles Dodgers, are not interested in Alex and a Miami “source” also said it wasn’t happening.  Read the HERE. Look, if Alex gets traded, I am stating for the record that I’m NOT in favor of it, one of the few, but I’ll except it if it betters the Yankees.  Stay tuned…
ICHIRO SUZUKI: According to a Star Ledger piece by Jerff Bradley and Andy McCullough (HERE), Ichiro wants "to be wanted", but there was nothing further on his end. Look, if that means the Yankees or him going somewhere else, who knows. This is what Suzuki said: “I want to be that player that is needed and is wanted... That’s what I can tell you today.”  Look, the smartest move the Yankees made all season was signing Hiroki Kuroda and Ichiro Suzuki and I’ll believe that for a long, long time.  Ichiro did everything expected of him and I am a firm believer that the Yankees should sign Ichiro, a 10 time gold glover  to a 2 year deal to play right field for the Yankees next season.  As far as I’m concerned Nick Swisher is out of the Bronx.  It was a terrible way to go out, but he chose that route, not us.  And for all you that don’t know if Nick slammed “all” fans of just the bleacher creatures at Yankee Stadium, trust me, it was the bleacher creatures, which represents ALL New York Yankee fans! Sure, it may not be me, or you specifically, but he did it and I no longer want him manning right field in New York.  If you sign Ichiro to right field and you have him for $8 million cheaper than Nick Swisher per year, that's a good  thing. Plus, he won’t lose the ball in the lights, get me?
JASON GIAMBI: Before you get all crazy, Giambi is not coming back to the Yankees.  I just wanted to share this with you because we haven’t heard from him in a while.  It turns out Jason Giambi is being interviewed for the Colorado Rockies managerial job.  That comes from Troy Renck of the Denver Post, HERE.  I never pictured Giambi as a manager ever, but hey, maybe they see something that I don’t.  Good for Jason.  Hopefully he has a shot.
CC SABATHIA: This is a true team player right here.  I read Marc Carig of Newsday and he had a piece about CC Sabathia (HERE), and after all the woes with the Yankees hitting for the entire ALCS, CC Sabathia stepped forward and said this about his own performance in Game 4: “It’s embarrassing to come out and not give my team a chance to win…I pride myself in trying to give us a chance and I didn’t do that tonight.” Wow.  Look, CC Sabathia and the rest of the Yankees pitching was great all postseason and yeah, CC may have shit the bed in Game 4, but who cares, the rest of the offense never showed up. The blame can’t be on CC here and I just find him to be a real dynamic guy and I love that he’s in pinstripes.   Now, one note, the Yankees are concerned CC’s left elbow may have been giving him problems even though CC denies that.  Either way, they want to check it out.  Read HERE. If they find anyone, I’ll let you know here at BYB.

(In Photo: Kate Upton's first Vogue Shoot)

KATE UPTON:  OK, so anytime 1 supermodel sends out a Tweet about a second supermodel and says that they saw pictures of that model and she felt "all tingly"…well, I'm in...I'm curious.  

Chrissy Teigen sent this tweet above about Kate Upton and low and behold, she was right…about the pictures. So of course, for the eyes of BYB readers, we decided to show you 2 and here’s the link HERE. Enjoy.

If you haven’t realized that Kate Upton is an internet sensation yet… you do now.

God Bless America.

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