Saturday, August 11, 2012


With CC Sabathia going on the 15 day DL for the second time this season (read that HERE), the Yankees have made a move that could prove more costly than helpful in my opinion. They have signed former Boston Red Sock Derek Lowe to fill the hole in the starting rotation. Read HERE.  
At first I thought it was a joke when I read Twitter. Then I realized that It's the End of the World as we know It because I'm not exactly sure how this will pan out...I guess no one really does.  Now look, there has been signings that have turned out decent in years' past, but this is a guy, that first off, all New York Yankee fans can not stand, and secondly, he's just hasn't had the greatest career as of late.

With the Indians this season,  he's 8-10 with a 5.52 ERA.  That's not good, that sucks.  Right now I miss Sidney Ponson.  I swear. I'm hoping maybe the AL East gets Lowe energized...but I'm not so sure yet.

We'll have more on the Derek Lowe signing over the next few days, but I will tell you this, if this move proves instability and loss for my Yankees, heads should roll.  I have never felt this queasy over a signing like this before.

(In Photo: Mark Bellhorn)
Not even when the Yanks signed Wade Boggs, or Mark Bellhorn or Alan Embree or even Mike Myers, all former Red Sox ... for some reason, something doesn't sit right with me with this signing.  No, I can't put my finger on it yet, but give me a few weeks and I may have plenty of reasons, or he could prove us all wrong.

Tonight I'll pray to the Yankee Gods in hopes that they can calm me and everything will be OK.

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