Saturday, June 23, 2012


There is no doubt that the marriage between Eric Chavez and the Yankees is important to each party.  You knew it in the winter when there was no doubt that Chavez was about to hang it up for good, read an old Joel Sherman tweet HERE but then, when interest from the Yankees surfaced...suddenly Chavez was willing to listen.

Over the past year or so, Bleeding Yankee Blue "breaks chops" about Chavez and his injuries, (read WHY MR. FRAGILE STRIKES AGAIN),  But we also know just how important this guy is to the ball club.  It seems like every time the guys up, he delivers.  He's solid with the glove after all these years, I mean, after all,  the Yankees picked up six-time Golden Glove winner, Eric Chavez. Yankees needed another third as a backup, well, he knows his role and the Yanks clearly are appreciate he's there.

Honestly, I was really very excited when the Yankees got Chavez. His fielding percentage in 2006 was .987. A healthy Chavez is a valuable member to have on any team. The trick is to keep him healthy, but Brian Cashman rolled the dice and sure, there were a few moments last year and this that Chavez was on the DL, but when he's back, it's like he never left.  He really has 9 lives, you have to love that about him.

I like watching Chavez play. But I’m always afraid that he is going to get hurt, you have to cross your fingers.  Think about it this way, since 2008, he has ended up on the DL every season. In 2010, he only played in thirty-three games.
That being said, Chavez has been great for the team. He has a .957 fielding percentage in eighteen games at third base this season. Frankly, fans love him and what he brings to this team. There is a sense of security knowing that he is on the field when one of our regular guys needs a day off, that's the irony.  If he's healthy, he's great and you feel that security, still, you worry.  It’s as if fans breathe a collective sigh of relief as we cross our fingers!

--Erica Morales, BYB Writer

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