Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Trying to talk to my boys about baseball is tricky sometimes. They are young and aren't really interested.  While my oldest knows the players, talking to him about the players is fine, but to the little guys, it's hilarity at it’s best…at least to me it is. 

That’s why for instance I call CC Sabathia, CC Monster.  It’s the combination of Sabathia and Cookie Monster (Read HERE) and don’t ask, it’s my kids and a constant TV diet of Yankee baseball and pop culture.  Whatever... it works.
The latest exchange comes from me telling my 9 year old about David Aardsma and Joba Chamberlain and their injury progress.  He’s starting to really get into it so I'll fill him in from time to time but for some reason one of my twins thought David Aardsma's name is "Animal" when I said "Aardsma's rehabbing. He's an animal." In other words, he's on his way back and he's going to be filthy.   Next thing I know one of the twins is running around the living room throwing a wiffle ball and yelling "Animal" like he was a member of the Muppets.  Yeah, I didn’t know how to handle it…I told him they were nice throws and we moved on. 

Hence the title AARDSMA THE ANIMAL & JOBA THE HUTT. Some kids like the nicknames better, so, I'm going with it.  But enough about me, the Yankees and Yankee fans have some good news to look forward to.  

David Aardsma: The news out of Yankeeland is Aardsma had a pretty impressive 2nd outing.  "Animal" went 2 scoreless innings and struck out the 3 final batters he faced.  According to Newsday, Aardsma said: "I'm very happy with the second inning... That was going to be the big question for me, throwing that second inning. I felt the ball was still coming out good and I was able to control my pitches. That's all you want." Read all about it HERE.

One thing did cross my mind and it's an important part of the Yankee bullpen. If Cory Wade doesn't deliver and continues to have crappy outings like last night, read HERE, would the Yankees unload Wade for David Aardsma? It's a good question.  I think I know the answer.

Joba Chamberlain: Joba is coming too by the way. On Monday he threw 20 pitches in a session.  That's a big deal considering it seemed like the end of Joba's career when that whole trampoline accident happened. If Joba can come back, damn, that would be impressive.  According to another Newsday report, Joba said this of his progress: "It felt good just to get out there... Get a feel for the [strike] zone. Where guys are standing. It's good to get their reaction. You're able to correct things when you see what you missed.... I couldn't ask for anything better as far as how my arm feels and everything up to this point." Read more HERE.
Oh and 1 more piece to the Yankees pitching puzzle that is worth noting:

Pedro Feliciano: There's another nugget out there about Feliciano, a guy that is still a New York Yankee by the way, but don't forget, the guy was shut down last year and he's been rehabbing the entire time with the Yankees in Tampa.  Newsday writes that Pedro is: "rehabbing a left shoulder injury, will throw off a full mound for the first time Tuesday. The lefthanded reliever is optimistic that he will pitch in the majors this season." Damn, I love the heart. The Yankees feel as though Pedro can come back strong.  This is coming from Bryan Hoch and Steve Miller of, read HERE. Girardi said of Feliciano:
"If he's throwing bullpens and doesn't have a lot of setbacks, I think it's realistic [he will return]."
Good for him, let's hope Joe's right.

When more happens, you will know about it, so be sure to check it at Bleeding Yankee Blue for more.  

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