Sunday, May 20, 2012


In December 2007, Alex Rodriguez reworked his contract with the Yankees for 10 years and $275 million, read HERE.    Many thought it was ridiculous, some loved it.  Me? Well, I just wanted to win a championship, and to be honest, I don't care about the money, I want players who want to win and I want players who want to be a New York Yankees.  Alex understood what it meant to be a New York Yankee and instead of having Scott Boras deal with the business aspect of his career, he met with the Yankees for his own deal. Ultimately, he would end his career as a Yankee. 

But before that deal, we saw ARod and the Yankees drop 4 in a row to the Red Sox in the 2004 playoffs and the Yankee universe hated Alex Rodriguez for his lack luster post-seasons.  But the Yankees and Alex hammered out a deal anyway.  For that, you need to give Alex alittle credit.  Sure, it was about the money, but it was about the pinstripes too and I firmly believe that. can hammer the Yankees for making this deal, but they made this deal for 1 important reason; they want that All-Time Home run crown back in the Bronx and Alex was the only one at the time that could do it.  So…they locked him in.
Years later, it seems as though Alex Rodriguez has slowed down dramatically.  We can speculate on what PEDs can do to break down the body and long term affects and all that crap. To be honest, I don’t want to get into that. I believe age is a big part of it too.  That’s why Joe Girardi wants to give guys like Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez a rest once in a while, to keep them strong for the entire year, not just in the first half, but there’s no question many are wondering why Alex Rodriguez is still a New York Yankee. I know why…breaking records.
Right now Alex Rodriguez has 634 home runs.  The all time leader is Barry Bonds with 762.  Personally, I am still of fan of Hank Aaron as my all-time home run leader (755) because he did it against all odds and beat a beloved New York Yankees home run leader in Babe Ruth, but not only that, he battled death threats and did it all with one thing in mind…he believed in himself.  Sure, Barry Bonds broke the record, but that’s even more reason why it needs to come back home to the Bronx in my opinion.

The Yankees are about tradition and pride and…you guessed it, records.  If Alex Rodriguez can stay healthy, and can actually start hitting home runs, there is a very good shot this guy will be the All-Time Home Run champ. If he can’t, the Yankees without question need to re-work their contract with Alex, but mark my words, they will not look for a team to deal him to.  They will not put him on the trading block.  Instead, they’ll work with him, rest him when needed and get him right, because the Yankees have their eye on the prize and that has nothing to do with Alex Rodriguez as a player, and everything to do with Alex Rodriguez the home run hitter.

Bringing the All-Time Home Run crown  back to the Bronx? You know it, the plan’s in full effect…now it just needs to be executed or the Yankees will end up with egg on their face.

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