Monday, May 28, 2012


OK, so we're close.  According to Bryan Hoch of, Brett Gardner was able to swing a bat today. Read his Tweet HERE...or better yet, read it below.  The way I see it, if the Yankees can keep winning and then Brett Gardner comes back, well... that's just gravy, right?

It's funny though, George King III of the New York Post said yesterday that there was a chance Gardner would be back after the All-Star break, because Girardi was "concerned" about his tender elbow. Read that HERE. I don't like the sound of that report...I'm going with Hoch on this one. No disrespect to King, he's the man.  Look, there is no doubt Gardy is needed for the Yankees run production.  I wrote about it extensively, he's missed. Read WHY BRETT GARDNER IS SORELY MISSED.  I can't wait to get this guy back.  Hopefully soon, or 10 days as Girardi told Hoch.
In the meantime you saw Hoch's tweet, David Robertson is making progress too, throwing catch in Tampa. OK, there you go.  Another guy we can definitely use, but hey, if we keep winning and then he shows up, that just gives us stability. 

I can't wait to get these guy back, we need to move up the standings and become the team we all believe in... who's with me?

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