Saturday, April 21, 2012


You see? Brett Gardner gets an elbow strain and gets put on the 15 day DL and suddenly Yankeeland has no truly reliable left fielder, do they?  I told you, Gardy is valuable.  Look, no one roots for the little guy. I know, I’m a little guy and I’ve had to fight for what I've wanted in life.  So has Gardy.  Think about it, Gardner is on the Bronx Bombers, but he’s far from a “Bomber”.  He’s the exception, the little guy that needs to get on base and score runs.  That’s his job and yes, if he can dive around the outfield chasing baseballs, that’s a plus...and he has, he’s been incredible out there for us, but let’s not forget that there hasn’t been enough appreciation for Gardy...until now. Now he's out and there's panic!  Brett Gardner made a really great catch the other night against the Twins and now it appears that catch may have gotten him “tweaked” a bit with an elbow strain, read HERE. 
 So now what…everyone suddenly realizes we have a thick bodied Andruw Jones or an awkward Raul Ibanez that will have to play left field for 15 games and suddenly the walls are falling down? You miss Gardy now, don’t you?  Look, I like Andruw Jones, I like Raul Ibanez, but these guys are not outfielders anymore, they’re Designated Hitters.  I keep having flashbacks to Ibanez trying the catch that baseball in St. Petersburg in the second game of the season and him just misjudging it so badly, it was embarrassing.

That got me thinking about our outfield options, writing WHY THE YANKEES OUTFIELD QUESTIONS START NOW and later WHY NOT MAKE NUNEZ AND OUTFIELDER? because, to be honest, it was never something the Yankees took seriously.  Bottom line, Our outfield of GGS is terrific, when healthy, but you just don’t know what will happen one day to the next.  Eduardo Nunez is not yet an outfielder, Andruw Jones is not agile enough to prance around the outfield and I highly doubt he can do what Gardy does.  Plus, what’s to say that something doesn’t happen to Curtis Granderson or Nick Swisher when Gardy is out? Then what? Can you imagine? I can’t, nor do I want to…

Bottom line, we need to think about a few reliable backups… Damn, why did we let Justin Maxwell go again?

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