Thursday, April 5, 2012


This has nothing to do with the New York Yankees. It has everything to do with making us laugh. I woke up last Friday smiling. I knew at that point that Anchorman 2 was going to be made and I became psyched! Read HERE. I had heard about it on Conan and if you know me, you know that I love the character. Then again, if you ask anyone, I was placed on earth at the wrong time, I probably was supposed to be in my 30's back in 1978. I love everything about the 70's, the hair, the outfits, the lingo...all of it. But anyway, I digress.

This Will Ferrell character may in fact be my favorite. I was a fan of Anchorman, although, I watched it a second time and laughed a hell of a lot more, then a 3rd, then a 4th. Now my buddies and I recite lines all the time…. “I believe Diversity is an old wooden ship..” and “Come again? You pooped in the refrigerator? And you ate a whole wheel of cheese? I’m not even mad that’s amazing.”

I can’t get enough of the character and if you go on YouTube, there are tons of clips on there of Ron Burgundy, like for instance where he’ll ask Rebecca Romijn “You are Electric?” among other things.

My favorite though has to be the Ron Burgundy on screen interview with ESPN, priceless. Check it out here:

The legend of Ron Burgundy lives, so I'm here to suggest to the New York Yankees... do me a favor...Bleeding Yankee Blue will turn 2 years old on September 14th. Please ask Ron Burgundy to throw out the first pitch for our birthday! It would be terrific, after all, the film may be ready to go by then, just in time for our birthday and the World Series. It's just a suggestion. I'd love to see it, I'd laugh my ass off.

Ron Burgundy… you have a home on Bleeding Yankee Blue now... You're welcome.

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