Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The Yankees completed their roster moves today and Twitter is blowing up. There are a ton of Francisco Cervelli fans, me included and it almost seems like the world is crumbling around US all. Everyone assumed that Cervelli would be on the Yankees Opening day roster, after all, he's contributed and always does...somehow. He's one of the most passionate ballplayers out there. I don't care what people like Mike Lupica say about Cervelli needing to curb his passion and "act like he's been there before" (Read WHY A CERVELLI FIST PUMP MEANS PASSION.) It's clear to me someone like Lupica doesn't understand true competition. Cervelli is a guy who doesn't get many opportunities to play and when he does, he's fired up. You need to respect it, and don't poo poo it.
So who's the Yankees backup catcher? No one you thought it would be. Chris Stewart was acquired from the San Francisco Giants for George HERE. I didn't see that one coming. That means that the veteran Stewart will be Russell Martin's backup and Francisco Cervelli will be optioned to AAA. It's the shame for a guy who literally just helped the Yankees win in their last Spring Training game against the Mets today. Cervelli tied it with a homer, Read HERE. Mark Feinsand has this quote from Cervelli, who was pretty much stunned about it:

“What can I say, bro? It's not my decision. That's it... I’m disappointed with this, but that’s never going to change anything. All my life I’ve had to do things and I’ve had to do it double, triple. If they want me to prove that I can catch in the big leagues, I’ll go and prove it, that I have to be here."

But don't worry, I will bet Cervelli will be back. Remember though, this is what the Yankees do, what they have always done. There is always that guy, the backup that's been around the block or has a few years on other catchers and they always say they want that extra catcher "with experience." Chris Widger, Ivan Rodriguez, Sal Fasano, Joe Oliver... hell, Joe Girardi and now, Chris Stewart. I believe in my heart though, Cervelli will be back!
David Phelps and Clay Rapada have also made the big team it was revealed today. Read HERE. DJ Mitchell and Adam Warren will both report to Scranton Wilkes-Barre. It was a tough choice for sure, they and Phelps pitched their hearts out.

So, the tables set, the Yankees are ready... and now we wait until Friday...Opening Day for the Yankees who open in Tampa Bay. CC Sabathia vs. James Shields. 3:10pm. Be there... I will not, I will be at work, but sneak to a television...after all it's Opening day!

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