Thursday, March 15, 2012


I love Johnny Damon and I always have but this is puzzling to me. Damon was interviewed by Casey Stern and Jim Bowden on MLB Network Radio and in that pity party of an interview he is asked about if the New York Yankees and he ever talked about a reunion and it was admitted by the guys that everyone saw Damon back in the Bronx as a perfect know I did. Johnny Damon said this:

"I just wanted to let Cashman know that it's not about money, you can pay me whatever...try and help you win a championship, so uh, his comeback was 'the scouts actually think Ibanez can play a better outfield just because he's been out there more the past few years.'"

The link is HERE. Ok...let's discuss. First off, Johnny Damon is well liked in New York, he's a fan favorite and won a championship with us already. The guy's a class act. I have written extensively about the need and love for Johnny Damon in New York. But let's face facts, if any player was being "run"' by Scott Boras like Johnny Damon has been "run", nothing is happening between the Yankees and that player. Especially if that player is Johnny Damon and his agent publicly demands he's worth $5 million. Message to Damon, you "run" Boras, Boras doesn't "run" you. You call the shots, remember that, you're not worth $5 million. Do you know how I know? YOU'RE NOT WORKING, THAT'S HOW! Bottom line, if you weren't getting bites then, rework your worth.
I said it a month ago; Johnny Damon will not be touched unless he asked for under $2 million, then maybe, MAYBE, the Yankees would have dove in. Read DEAR JOHNNY...DROP YOUR PRICE OR FIRE YOUR AGENT. Hell, look at what Boras did to Edwin Jackson, he wanted 5 years, $60 million. That landed him a 1 year deal with the Nationals. That's not an agent, that's a cock block.

Believe me, I don't care what Johnny Damon is saying in that MLB interview, he won't admit it but he's without a job because he's been tricked into thinking that his 38 year old body is still worth $5 million. Hence, that's why he's not working and that's why Vladimir Guerrero's not working either. I'll bet you $5 million that he NEVER told Cashman he'd want to be paid "whatever" to help win a championship, because if he did, he'd be on the New York Yankees right now. My opinion of course.Raul Ibanez is 39 and his numbers over his career have been pretty decent. Damon is 38 and again, decent numbers, in fact, if the Yankees are looking to just come up with a few extra pieces to the puzzle back in February, I'd even suggest both guys would be interchangeable at that moment. So, if you're the Yankees and you're looking at both guys and one guy tells you he'll come at a low price and the other is insistent that he's worth $5 million... who you going to go with, especially if you're trying to lower your payroll? See what I mean?

This interview was a pity party for Johnny Damon. I don't believe in pity parties. Damon has no one to feel sorry for but himself. I can't get over this Johnny... you had your shot, everyone saw it but you.... you had your chance to be back in New York... and you blew it.

That's the bottom line.

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